The Jacked-Up Story

We Celebrate Jackfruit

Inspired by the vegan movement, Dublin based founders, Gursharan & Binu, began their journey towards creating Jacked-Up. Research and documentaries highlighted the positive impact of reducing meat and dairy in our diets, but it was clear that finding nutritional alternatives could still be tricky.

Using their knowledge of southern India and the jackfruit tree that was a childhood staple, Gursharan & Binu set out to create a tasty meat replacement that gave people a choice of flavours and was familiar in texture.

Fast forward and say hello to Jacked-Up.

Jackfruit is one seriously underestimated fruit, but no longer! Our aim is to give everyone a taste of this wonderful ingredient, which is why it’s at the centre of our products.

Not only does jackfruit taste good, it’s packed full of nutritional benefits and is the ideal meat replacement thanks to its ‘pulled pork’ texture.


Our Mission

Jacked-Up was born from a desire to provide a nutritional, tasty meat replacement for all. Inspired by the homegrown jackfruit the founders loved as children.

We are passionate about creating tasty, meat-free, plant-based products that are packed full of flavour and nutrition. No compromise! We can’t wait for you to try them.

Nutritional & Delicious 

Jacked-Up’s meals are created so that you don’t have to compromise on taste or nutrition. Our products are the perfect meat free main course for everyone.

Uncompromising flavour

Each of our jackfruit range of products use the best ingredients to create dishes that are full of flavour. Whether you love BBQ or Tex Mex, jackfruit is the answer.

A meat replacement for all

Reducing meat intake has become a priority for many, whether for health, environmental or welfare reasons. Our mission is to make that choice easier.

Supporting healthy choices

Jackfruit is versatile and nutritional, plus it tastes and feels like meat (think pulled pork). It’s the perfect meat replacement for making a healthier choice.

Our Products

Jacked-Up have 4 distinct Jackfruit products. They’re perfect for eating cold or adding to your favourite meal.

Pulled BBQ

A smoky blend of tomato and spices to create the perfect BBQ flavour on this jackfruit meal.


Plant based meat replacement never tasted so good with our authentic Southwestern style jackfruit.

Indian Curry

Are you ready to be transported? Enjoy the delicious aromatic masala spices of our Indian Curry meal.


Our lightly seasoned Naked jackfruit meal allows you to add your favourite flavours or enjoy it as is.

vegan friendly
meat replacement
zero sugar
Low in fat
Low Calories