1. Pulled BBQ Burger

Our Products

Jacked-Up have 4 distinct jackfruit products. They’re perfect for eating cold or adding to your favourite meal. Did we mention they’re completely plant-based?

How do you like your jackfruit?

We’ve created tasty products full of Jacked-Up flavour that will allow you to enjoy the jackfruit in all its glory. 

Our products are versatile! You can eat them hot or cold, as a snack, a meal or add them to your favourite dish for maximum flavour.

We love them in wraps, as a tasty vegan burrito bowl and on pizzas as a tasty topping.

Jacked-Up is the ultimate meat replacement and upgrade for your meal.

Discover our range below.


Four distinct flavours

Jacked-Up have 4 distinct jackfruit products.  They’re perfect for eating hot or cold or adding to your favourite meal.

Jacked-Up BBQ

Jacked-Up Tex Mex

Jacked-Up Indian Curry

Jacked-Up Naked

A smoky blend of tomato and spices to create the perfect BBQ flavour on this jackfruit meal.

Plant based meat replacement never tasted so good with our authentic Southwestern style jackfruit.

Are you ready to be transported? Enjoy the delicious aromatic masala spices of our Indian Curry meal.

Our lightly seasoned Naked jackfruit meal allows you to add your favourite flavours or enjoy it as is.

vegan friendly
meat replacement
zero sugar
Low in fat
Low Calories

The Nutritional Benefits

Not only is it packed full of nutritional benefits, but it tastes great too. It’s the ideal meal starter or perfect for eating on its own.